Live Training

Live a unique experience.

You want to experience the follow-up of high level athletes. The Live formula is made for you. You will do your energy assessment equipped with physiological and biomechanical sensors with 3 tests of endurance, power and pace management over a half-day period that will be reserved for you on the field of your choice. You will benefit from the analysis of expert scientists and engineers who will provide you with an exhaustive assessment to predict your progress and even advise you on the choice of your objectives (profile, distance, periodization).

This is truly “haute couture” French style because we are the first to equip you with ALL the technologies on board to measure.

Description :​
– Time required: 1 hour, including 30 minutes of testing ​
– Location: stadium of your choice or we can suggest locations​

Entraînement Live

Vivez une experience unique.

Vous souhaitez vivre le suivi des athlètes de haut niveau. La formule Live est faite pour vous. Vous aller faire votre bilan énergétique bardé de capteurs physiologiques, et biomécaniques avec 3 tests d’endurance, puissance et gestion des allures sur une demi-journée qui vous sera réservée sur le terrain de votre choix. Vous bénéficierez de l’analyse de scientifiques et ingénieurs experts qui vous réinstitueront un bilan exhaustif pour vous prédire une marge de progression et même vous conseiller dans le choix de vos objectifs (profil, distance, périodisation).

Il s’agit ici véritablement de la très « haute couture » à la française car nous sommes les premiers à vous équiper de TOUTES les technologies embarquées pour mesurer.

Déroulé :​
– Temps nécessaire : 1h, dont 30 min. de test ​
– Lieu : stade de votre choix ou nous vous proposons des lieux​

If you have a trainer, we will be able to give him the elements useful to his strategy and if you are alone, we will be able to train you because our scientific approach is centered on the research of the effective ultra personalized training thanks to this exhaustive assessment.
Each week you will be listened to and guided in your daily life, whatever your practical or theoretical questions.
You will have access to a better knowledge of your possibilities through real and scientifically validated tangible data. Our method of testing and monitoring your training is finally the culmination of our 30 years of research and development embodied in 200 international publications and books on the physiology of training. The Chinese, Americans and Africans are constantly listening to the latest developments in our method, which is constantly progressing…just like you.

Surpass yourself !

Formulas and prices

Rabit Live Test

200€ / month

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Rabit Performance +

399€ / month

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Formule Rabit Live

200€ / mois

Formule Rabit Performance +

399€ / mois


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