What's inside ?

  • 2 Live Rabit ® Tests
  • Energetics Profile
  • Training Plan
  • Signature de Vitesse ®
  • Sports Shoes Audit
  • VO2 max measurements
  • 3 month guidance

This option is designed for for those preparing an objective within 3 months or more. The Live Rabit Test allow to measure exactly your strengths and weeknesses.

852 €

You are planning to do a race in the next 2 / 3 months and/or you would like to optimize you weekly training, then give yourself the best possible odds to progress, choose Rabit VO2 !
You need to possess a watch allowing you to export in TCX format. Most watches on the market enable this exportation.

By choosing this offer, you will meet the Billatraining Team. The Team will measure your physical condition. You will also be in touch with them every week in order to guide you and adjust your training. Here is the content of this offer:

  • 2 Live Rabit ® Tests : A physiologist receives you into our laboratory or comes to your place (Ile de France only) in order to make you take a test : the Complete Physiological Audit. This test Rabit Live will happen twice : once when you start your training, and one last time at the end of the 3 months, to assess your progress. Your results will be interpreted by our physiologists team, trained by Pr Billat.
  • Energetics Profile : Once our team has analysed your Rabit test, they can establish your current physical condition. We then deduce your Performance factors ( Strength, Cardiac efficiency, Acidosis tolerance, Perception).
  • Training Plan : The next step for our team is to create your tailor-made 12 week training (3 months) following professor Billat’s methods. Each session is analysed and commented by one of our Expert Physiologist.
  • Signature de Vitesse ® : During the last week before your objective deadline, our team design your signature de vitesse, which is actually your strategy for the race.
  • Sports Shoes Audit : Our Specialised Physiologists advise you on the Sports Shoes you should pick regarding your morphology and running behaviour.
  • VO2 max measurements : During your personal complete physiological audit, a leading edge technology is used (K5 cosmed) to measure your physiologic characteristics, which gives our team ultra-precise measurements to guide you for your training.
  • 3 month guidance : Fully enjoy the Billatraining sphere for 3 months. You will get a unlimited access to the Rabit Web Platform and the Billatraining Mobile App (Android, IOS).

*We advise you to check your ability to practice sports by having a medical examination to a cardiologist or to a medicine sports centre, especially after 40 years old. A cardiac stress test is absolutely necessary every two years. The devices used for the Rabit® tests presume nothing of an athlete ability, they are not medical but scientific devices, only meant to interpret training sessions.