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RabiT Test®

Energetic Audit Free

The RabiT test® helps us to know you by getting your current shape. It surpasses the VAMEVAL test. Run different and learn how to avoid even pace. The RabiT test® is the first step to build up your training plan for Marathon, Semi Marathon, 10k or Trail.

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Energetic Balance

Energetic Radar Free

Next, we look inside your RabiT® test to get the 4 components of your performance (Strength, Cardio, Acidosis and Perception). You'll work on these components all along your training to help you to break personal record on Marathon, Semi Marathon, 10k or Trail!

Training Plan

Custom-made Training Plan 150€ for 3 months

It's time to get your 3 months training plan for only 150€. You get 2 weeks free to try our training plan with no obligation. Find out the best of training and improve your efficiency with short tailor-made training sessions (2 less-than-one-hour sessions + 1 two-hour session per week). Monotony has come to an end, the pleasure of running takes over with BillaTraining.

3 months training plan for Marathon, Semi-Marathon, 10k and Trail.

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Be prepared for the D-Day for your Martahon, Semi, 10 km or Trail with the RabiT® Coach. Get your 3 months training plan for only 150€!

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We grant you a free access to all the scientific papers of the Billatraining team

The BillaTraining method is based on 25 years of both R&D and field experience. Pr. Véronique Billat has dedicated her whole life to find the best-suited training method for everyone.

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