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Billatraining's Method

Energetics Audit

The first step of the Billatraining’s Method includes an energetics audit to assess your current conditin. Supported by 25 years of R&D, let Billatraining introduce you to the Rabit® test (Running Advisor Billatraining). This powerful feeling-oriented test gives all the key factors to our Expert Physiologists so they can design a tailor-made training plan for you. Billatrainig’s experience and knowledge regarding new technologies make the Rabit® test Live (we come to your place with our mobile laboratory) or Digital (with your wearables devices) possible.

Définir votre objectif d'entrainement


Once you’ve subscribed to Billatraining’s platform you will be asked to define your objectives. Our Physiologists analyse the results of your Rabit® test create a the best-suited training plan for your objectives. From loosing weight to performance (Marathon, Semi, 10k, …), let Billatraining guide you and give you the key to improve.

Training Plan

It is now time for the Billatraining team to design your tailor-made training plan ! We give you the opportunity to be trained by Pr. Véronique Billat. We guide you to train more efficiently and spend less time at training. Discover a short but intense training experience. Dull practise has come to an end.

Définir votre plan d'entrainement
Définir votre signature de vitesse

Signature de Vitesse®

Billatraining’s Signature de Vitesse® is a pacing strategy designed specifically for you to reach your optimal speed and break your records. The secret of the Signature de Vitesse® lies in your ability to use all the energetic ressources (Anaerobic and Aerobic organism) from your body. One week before each or your goals our Expert Physiologist will deliver your optimised Signature de Vitesse®.



formule d'entrainement Rabit Training
  • Digital Rabit ® Test
  • Energetics Profile
  • Training Plan
  • Signature de Vitesse ®
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formule d'entrainement Rabit VO2
  • 2 Live Rabit ® Tests
  • Energetics Profile
  • Training Plan
  • Signature de Vitesse ®
  • Sports Shoes Audit
  • VO2 measurements
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formule d'entrainement Rabit Signature
  • 3 Live Rabit ® Tests
  • Energetics Profile
  • Training Plan
  • Signature de Vitesse ®
  • Sports Shoes Audit
  • VO2 measurements
  • Stride Efficiency
  • Nutrition Advice
  • At Home
  • Véronique Billat
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The Billatraining method is based on 25 years of both R&D and field. The Pr. Véronique Billat has dedicated her whole life to find the best-suited training method for everyone.

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